MapAlert® provides geo-spatial mapping technology designed to proactively identify the impact of severe weather, economic, or other geographical events. The framework is capable of handling millions of properties and hundreds of analytical variables.

The combination of Safeguard’s property inspections data and the most reliable data sources, including FEMA, U.S. Geological Survey, National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service, and others, is what powers MapAlert®.

Benefits Include:

  • Automated event notification of the specific geographic areas and the number of properties that have potentially been impacted by an event
  • Ability to create a user specific account by uploading asset portfolio for event tracking
  • Capable of defining customized asset attributes necessary to perform advanced filtering, analysis, and reporting
  • Access to real-time post disaster satellite imagery
  • Post assessment reporting, including map and property portfolio summary and detail reports
  • Incorporates affected zip codes and counties for all events
  • Accessible from mobile devices

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To learn more about MapAlert® or request a demonstration,
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